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Years 3 and 4

The children follow the National Curriculum with daily lessons for English and Maths and a topic-based approach for History, Geography, Art and Design & Technology.

A range of events and visits are incorporated into the curriculum. Science, Computing, Music, PE and RE are timetabled throughout the week.

In Year 3 children are able to start learning a musical instrument with brass, woodwind and string instruments all being offered. In Year 4 the children have weekly whole class ukulele lessons. The learning of a Modern Foreign Language begins in Year 3 with these weekly lessons continue throughout Key Stage 2.

The children in Years 3 and 4 all participate in a Christmas Carol Concert at St. Peter’s Church. They also have the opportunity to participate in Area Sports which is a local athletics sporting event involving local primary schools.

We elect two members of each class to join School Council, who meet each week to talk about ways to improve our school. The children can join a lunch time or after school club, choosing from a range of sports, craft and art activities.

Year 4 have the opportunity to attend a short residential visit.

Our Learning

Read more about our learning in Years 3 and 4: