Maney Hill Primary School, Maney Hill Road, Sutton Coldfield

Maney Hill Road, Sutton Coldfield, B72 1JU
Tel: 0121 464 9673

Curriculum Intent

At Maney Hill we aim to deliver inspired learning for lifelong success. Our curriculum meets the academic requirements of the National Curriculum whilst also providing the social and emotional learning that is essential for our pupils to continuously improve.

Intention 1: Developing pupils as learners (Curriculum)

To develop the appropriate subject specific knowledge, skills and understanding as set out in the National Curriculum through children’s engagement in learning through enquiry led approaches that develop skills, disposition and attitudes to learning.

Intention 2: Develop the character of our learners (Wellbeing)

Develop learners to have a holistic set of values that equips them for their futures in a rapidly changing world. Children make a positive difference to their own lives and to the wider community.

Intention 3: Develop behaviours to become effective learners (Behaviour)

To develop the moral compass of children, ensuring they take the lead and accept responsibility for their behaviour, showing initiative and compassion towards others.



For every child to develop a mastery of mathematics equipping them with skills of calculation, reasoning and problem solving

English: Reading

For every child to access and enjoy high quality texts alongside the development of the skills required to comprehend a range of books. We teach phonics using a synthetic systematic approach with Read Write Inc and our reading scheme is Oxford Reading Tree.

English: Writing

We strive to equip children with an imaginative bank of vocabulary and exciting stimuli to help bring their writing to life. The core skills of spelling, grammar and punctuation help them to master the English language which underpins writing in all areas of the curriculum.


Develop children’s curiosity and scientific knowledge around understanding the nature, processes and methods of science.


Equip children with transferable skills and understanding to function and live safely in our technological world.


Learning about the past and how it shapes the world we live in today.


Inspiring and igniting children’s interest about the natural and human worlds.


Give children the opportunity to express their creativity through producing work based on different artistic styles.

Design and Technology

The children are given opportunities to design, build and evaluate their own products to meet a brief.


To help equip our children with the skills to be confident global citizens and is designed to progressively acquire, use and applying a growing bank of vocabulary.


All children are given the opportunity to create, play, perform and enjoy music whilst developing the skills required to appreciate a variety of musical forms.

Religious Education

Children are taught knowledge and understanding around a range of religious and worldwide views.

Physical Education

We aim to develop positive attitudes towards physical activity and promote healthy lifestyles alongside the ability to compete both individually and as a team.


Reception Numeracy lesson.
Year 1 Design and Technology lesson.

Year 3 and 4 mixed Football Team.
Year 3 singing in St. Peter’s Church.

Year 4 Minibeast investigation.
Year 5 visit to Warwick Castle.

Year 6 residential in North Wales.
Year 6 acting workshop at the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Annual Sports Day.