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Parent Voice

Survey summary for parents

Our Autumn Term 23 school survey is here: (some percentages are rounded). The survey is hugely positive. We want to continue to improve the school and we read and discuss all of your comments and suggestions.

*My child is happy at this school. 98% Yes, only 1 parent saying No.

*My child feels safe at this school. 94% Yes, 45 Neutral, 1 parent saying No.

*The school makes sure its pupils are well behaved. 78% Yes, 20% Neutral, 2 parents saying No.

*School makes me aware of what my child is learning. 83% Yes, 12% Neutral, 3 parents saying No.

*My child has been bullied and it has been dealt with. 10 parents said their child had experienced bullying. Of those 8 said they are happy the way school dealt with it and it is resolved.

*Raised concerns have been dealt with effectively. 38 parents have raise concerns. Of those 34 said the school dealt with them effectively.

*Does the school support those children with SEND. 15 parents said their child has SEND. Of those, 11 were happy with the support provided.

*The school has high expectations. 78% Yes, 17% Neutral, 3 parents saying No.

*My child does well at school. 94% Yes, 6% Neutral

*The school lets me know how my child is doing. 82% Yes, 9% Neutral and 7 parents said No.

*There is a good range of subjects available to my child. 90% Yes, 10% Neutral.

*My child can take part in clubs. 92% Yes, 6% Neutral, 1 parent said No

*The school supports my child's wider personal development. 75% Yes, 23% Neutral and 1 parent said No.

*I would recommend this school. 92% Yes, 4% Neutral and 2 parents said No.

*New leadership team are improving the school. 88% Yes, 11% Neutral (too early to say) and 1 parent said No.