Maney Hill Primary School, Maney Hill Road, Sutton Coldfield

Maney Hill Road, Sutton Coldfield, B72 1JU
Tel: 0121 464 9673

Pupil Voice

At Maney Hill Primary School we know how important it is for all pupils to be involved in school life, to be listened to and to feel they are making a contribution to making our school the special place it is.

There are a variety of ways in which children can get involved. All teachers spend time in the classroom ensuring all pupils have regular experiences to share ideas in lessons, during presentations and through everyday teaching and learning activities. All pupils also have the opportunity to complete a pupil questionnaire each year which allows them to share their views and ideas.

Outside of the classroom we have a number of activities available to all, including: School Council, Year 6 Reception Buddies, Team Captains and Head Boy and Head Girl.

School Council

Hello, we are the Maney Hill School Council.

The Maney Hill School Council have created the following aims which they work together as a team to meet:

  • To represent the views of the children at Maney Hill
  • To make responsible decisions
  • To make a positive impact in school and beyond
  • To raise awareness of important issues
  • To help those in need.

The School Council put forward their classes’ views and inform their peers about what has been agreed at meetings. They think carefully about what makes school a great place, together with changes we can make in response to student voice. This ranges from decisions about the playground, to how we can impact our local communities in a beneficial way. They help to organise lots of events in school, including charity events such as the Harvest Festival food collection and fundraising for Children in Need. They also play a key role in arranging themed days within the school year.

Year Councillors
Year 1H Rayyan Rowlands and Bella Hemming-Jones
Year 1P Ava May Rowlands and Adam Ahmed
Year 2GB Autumn Murphy and Finley Corbett
Year 2R Noah Birkinshaw and Savannah Pritchett
Year 3L Seb Stevens and Sienna Robson
Year 3M Samuel Rawlins and Leila Millington
Year 4B Reuben Walker and Jessica Palmer
Year 4W Ayman Hussain and Grace Barry
Year 5G Saif Ahmed and Annabel Strangeways-Daly
Year 5S Alfie Birkinshaw and Luzia Jethwa
Year 6M Lucas Hare and Penelope Davis
Year 6W Keni’ Mendez-Brown and Grace Garside

Head Boy and Head Girl

This year our Head Boy is Jude Gibbons and our Head Girl is Penelope Stevens.

What do you have to do in your role at Maney Hill?

“In the role as Head Boy I have to have great manners and if people are upset they can come and talk to me. I also have to be kind and respectful to everyone. I also need to be sensible and helpful in every way possible.” Jude

“In my role as Head Girl I have to hand out the School Value Badges, go to School Council meetings, help the school and be a good role model.” Penny

What do we enjoy most about being at Maney Hill?

“I really enjoy being Head Boy the most and having kind and fun teachers to help me. I also have amazing friends. There is also such good rewards for every pupil. All lessons are fun and very educating for everyone.” Jude

“I enjoy the lessons because they are fun and interesting.” Penny

Team Captains

All of the members of our school are divided up into teams - Red, Yellow, Green and Blue.

The Team Captains collect the team points from each class weekly and these are reported in our Friday Assembly. At the end of every term the team with the most team points get a prize .The team captains of the winning team go around the school and distribute prizes to everyone in their team!

Team Captains
Blue Saanvi Deshpande and Joshua Barnett
Green Amelia Cole and Sebastian Pritchett
Red Daisy Tisdale-Brown and Ryan Budair
Yellow Simrit Dhillon and George Welch